GTEG21 – MIST Aromatherapy Humidifier with LED

MIST Aromatherapy Humidifier allows you to humidify your room whilst infusing the air with essential oil, it prevents dryness and gives you a comfortable and relaxing environment. This device is easy to use and comes with a power cable and anti-dry safety function.

Product size of Humidifier (mm): 130(H) x 75(D)
Packaging: Each in a Brown Paper Box.

-PP Material.
-4 preset timer. 30/60/90/180 minutes.
-Feature silent mode can last 4hrs.
-70ml water capacity.
-With Power Cable.
-USB Plugin – User Friendly.
-Lightweight & Portable.
-With power timer.
-Anti-dry safety function.
-Prevent dry throat, dry skin, and helps smooth breathing.

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